3 Tips to find the perfect dog walker!

Let’s be honest, anybody can walk a dog or look after a cat, but you want a peace of mind knowing you are hiring someone that isn’t doing the job because of the money.  We went through two walkers before we found the perfect one. So I am sharing with you what nobody told me {and i wish someone did to avoid the headaches!}

Where do I find them?

You can ask a friend, neighbour, veterinarian, animal rescue organization, or dog trainer for a referral. You can also look at your local pet services directory and search on the internet .

What to look for?

Is the business licensed and/or bonded? Can they provide references? Do they know about Pet First Aid? Are they actively on social media? If a dog walker or pet sitter is responsible enough to have obtained insurance and bonding, they’re usually going to be a trust-worthy care provider for your pet. This means they are serious about what they are doing. Ask your dog walker to show you documentation of his/her policy. Make sure all the employees from the Pet Sitter Company you retain are under the insurance policy and that they have gone thought a police background check


dog-wallkers-aurora-ontarioCan they answer these questions? 

Do they offer a FREE consultation to meet you and your pet and understand your needs better? Do they have a back up plan for emergencies? Do they ask you to sign forms? Do they charge HST? What payments does the company accept?  Is there only one way to communicate with them or do they offer different alternatives? A serious business will have all this answers and most likely they will talk about it even before you get a chance to ask.

Do your homework!

Finding the right dog walker can be a difficult decision and stressful one. It’s not new that the pet care industry is growing rapidly, especially in the dog walking field. At all times check for professionalism and true passion and love for pets. Among some research on your part, you’ll be able to select the right dog walker or pet sitter for your fur kid!

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